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The DISC personality assessment is an effortless & valuable tool for recruitment, development & training, that delivers precise results.

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What is the DISC Personality Assessment?

The DISC Personality assessments has been developed to meet the strong demand from recruiters, business leaders and professional coaches specific requirements. The personality assessments are both accurate and affordable, with a user-friendly administration process, and a concise straightforward report.

Utilise the DISC personality assessment tool to evaluate and anticipate the conduct of your team members, potential job candidates, and significant others. The outcomes will pinpoint their strong suits and provide guidance on how to leverage them effectively. Furthermore, readers will gain valuable insights into enhancing their communication skills to influence others positively.

Consideration: How can I effectively engage and establish a rapport with the prospective clients and colleagues!


People with a high D personality type are typically risk-takers and self-starters.


People with a strong I personality thrive being around people and are the life of the party.


S personalities are often described as a rock. They seek out stability and routine in life.


C personalities are described as perfectionists, and place great value on being accurate.

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DISC Personality Types

The DISC framework offers a means of comprehending how individuals engage with their environment.

It recognises that there is no universal personality type that fits everyone, and the DISC personality styles assist in recognising the unique ways in which individuals function based on their inclinations.

Benefits of DISC Assessments

By incorporating DISC assessments, organisations can potentially experience a range of advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced communication
  • Reduced misunderstandings and conflicts
  • More efficient meetings
  • Better team performance
  • Improved collaboration
  • Higher productivity
  • Better staff retention rates
  • Enhanced financial outcomes

DISC can be particularly valuable in key areas such as developing leaders, hiring and placement, team development,  talent management.

DISC Validation

 DISC is much more than a personality assessment.

It’s a method of behavioural analysis that has been used throughout the world for over 70 years and it has been administered to millions of people.

DISC theory is simple in its basic premise: All human behaviour can be broken down into four different patterns of observable behaviour:

Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance 

What is the DISC Questionnaire?

The DISC questionnaire comprises 24 sets of multiple-choice questions that are culture-neutral and can be completed in approximately 10 -15 minutes.

Each phrase and query has undergone meticulous calibration to ensure precise outcomes.

What is the DISC Report?

The DISC profile report is intended to be simple to use and understand. It includes the following information: 

Three graph outcomes.

  • The traits and characteristics of an individual’s personality.
  • Indicators and suggestions on how to communicate effectively with individuals with different communication styles.
  • Insightful guidance on the underlying reasons behind people’s behaviour on why people behave the way they do.

DISC Control Panel & Dashboard


In your secure admin Control Panel you can: 

  • Send an email inviting someone to take the DISC Test 
  • View profiles of all test-takers 
  • Track who have not yet completed the questionnaire as requested 
  • Email test-takers, or a third party, a link to results 
  • Access the DISC Manual 
  • Compose an email to invite someone to take the DISC Test  
  • Explore the profiles of all individuals who have taken the test 
  •  Monitor and identify those who have yet to finish the questionnaire as instructed Send the results link to the test-takers or a designated third party via email  
  • Gain entry to the DISC Manual.

DISC Success Stories:

PS Human Resources trained on DISC through Ascent Leadership and use them to provide us with online DISC personality profile reports.

The DISC reports are a fundamental part of our service to support management development, training, and recruitment.  The process is quick and straightforward which is essential when we need to make quick decisions.

We would not hesitate to recommend them.
Paula Phelan
PS Human Resources
Having had a one to one with Godwin I was particularly impressed how his personality profiling helps not just with recruitment but with assisting with choices and enabling smarter work processes.

I would highly recommend Godwin and not just those who have relationship conflicts within their company or looking to recruit.

Godwin has a great balance with his approach, personal and professional.
Victoria Sedgwick
Stokey Media
I first met Godwin at a business event where I had been seeking help for our company.

I knew instantly that he would be the one to mentor us and to help shape our business.

Since then, I have been proven right as Godwin has not only provided assistance in future planning and strategy, but also in how such a plan should be implemented, whilst at the same time not making this process an extra 'chore'.
Kate Gardner
Project Manager
Godwin is a dynamic and enthusiastic individual who has supported Salford Business School and its Students over the last number of years.

Based on his own success, Godwin has provided fantastic advice and guidance to students, improving their employability skills and offering placements and internships.

I can highly recommend Godwin.
Dr Jonathon Lord
Human Resource Management
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