Buy DISC Here - 2 options Available:

DISC - Perfect for individuals & Teams

→ £35 for a single DISC assessment

→ Perfect for individuals

→ User-friendly & easy to get started

→ Bulk-buy: 10% off when you buy 50 tests or more

→ Free control-panel to run & administer your test, which also allows you to send personalised invites to your other users

→ Instant results sent by email & PDF report

4D - Perfect for Teams & Leaders

→ £80 for the teams (4D) assessment

→ Perfect for teams, departments & groups

→ A revolutionary new report that offers over 1440 different points of comparison for successful predictive hiring and to generate the most comprehensive personality profile available today

→ 4 online behavioral assessments all rolled into 1 thorough & comprehensive report with the 4D report – DISC, Teams, Values, BAI

Purchase your DISC test(s), then receive an email with instructions and a login to your dashboard.

About The DISC Control Panel & Dashboard

In your secure admin Control Panel you can: 

  • Send an email inviting someone to take the DISC Test 
  • View profiles of all test-takers 
  • Track who have not yet completed the questionnaire as requested 
  • Email test-takers, or a third party, a link to results 
  • Access the DISC Manual 
  • Compose an email to invite someone to take the DISC Test  
  • Explore the profiles of all individuals who have taken the test 
  •  Monitor and identify those who have yet to finish the questionnaire as instructed Send the results link to the test-takers or a designated third party via email  
  • Gain entry to the DISC Manual.