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Hiring with DISC

With over 40 years of combined experience in hiring, onboarding, and leadership, we excel at helping employers make informed and successful hiring decisions using the DISC assessment.

Our expertise lies in identifying candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also seamlessly fit into your organization’s culture.

By leveraging the power of DISC, we ensure that you find the perfect candidates who align with your vision and values.

Why Choose Hiring with DISC?

Enhanced Candidate Assessment:

DISC assesses candidates’ Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, providing insights into their communication styles, work preferences, and strengths beyond resumes and interviews. 

Improved Hiring Accuracy:

DISC data enhances hiring decisions by aligning candidate profiles with job requirements and organizational culture, leading to higher job satisfaction, productivity, and long-term success. 

Streamlined Hiring Process:

Customised DISC-based process integrated seamlessly into your workflow, saving time and resources while offering valuable insights at each stage of the hiring process. 

Our Hiring with DISC Services

We administer DISC assessments to candidates and provide detailed reports on their behavioural styles, strengths, and areas for development. These reports are valuable tools during interviews, helping you gain a deeper understanding of each candidate’s potential fit within your organisation.

1. Invite: Send email invitations to individuals for the DISC Test.
2. View Profiles: Access profiles of completed test-takers.
3. Track Progress: Monitor individuals who haven’t taken the test yet as requested.
4. Share Results: Email test-takers or a third party a link to their test results.
5. Dashboard Access: Gain access to the dashboard for convenient management

Benchmarking Candidates

Performance benchmarking involves setting standards or behavioural ranges based on workplace needs and position requirements. These benchmarks consider daily tasks and long-term goals for outstanding achievement. 

Option 1

We offer predefined industry benchmarks and job descriptions that can be purchased through Ascent Academy. These can be applied to your hiring reports within your account

Option 2

Hiring manager can answer a series of questions about the requirements of the position on short and long-term goals, and past or present employee performance, which they’d like to duplicate. This allows the hiring party to set their own “ideals” for job success. These can be applied to reports within your account.

Option 3

Custom Benchmarking top performers are assessed between skills and behaviours common to all the top performers in conjunction with the requirements of the workplace environment. This method is the most reliable and leads to the highest success rate in retention, performance, and replication.

After creating your benchmark, have applicants take a behavioural assessment. They will then appear in your account with a red, yellow, or green behavioural match. Review their qualifications and personality style, thinking style, and values. Then, conduct interviews and choose the right person for the job.

DISC Profiling with coaching session - 3 step process!

We provide consultation sessions to help you interpret DISC assessment results accurately, guide you in understanding how behavioural styles influence job performance and team dynamics.

This empowers you to make informed hiring decisions based on data.
We also offer training programs to enhance your HR team’s understanding of DISC and its application in the hiring process.

Step 1

Complete an online questionnaire designed to take 15 minutes…

Step 2

The results will be emailed directly to you

Step 3

Receive a detailed breakdown and action plan in a 1-hour phone or Teams session.

Learn About the DISC Model:

Understand the DISC model of personality, including traits, three profile graphs, communication styles, and how to modify your personal style.


Includes a free DISC profile


Includes a free 4D profile

Partner with us for Hiring Success:

Partner with us at Hiring with DISC for hiring success. We believe in a holistic approach to hiring that leads to long-term success. By using the DISC assessment, you can attract, evaluate, and select the right talent, gaining a competitive edge. Our team is dedicated to helping you build high-performing teams that drive organizational growth and achieve excellence.


• Partnering with an established DISC Personality profile Platform company gives you access to a proven methodology supported by research and expertise.
• We are seeking positive entrepreneurs, business consultants, trainers, and coaches to become resellers of the renowned DISC assessments.
• You will receive a customized DISC platform that can be themed and branded according to your preferences. Impress your clients and enhance your revenue
• Whether you’re already in business and want to enhance your services or looking to create a new online B2B service, incorporating the professional DISC profile Test will impress your clients

Who is it for ?

Recruiters / employers / coaches and consultants

Becoming a DISC Partner - How it Works:

Email us, and we’ll provide your custom DISC system within hours.

Unique DISC Partner Control Panel:

You’ll receive a secure login to your DISC Control Panel/portal to administer tests, send email invitations to test-takers, and review results


There is no setup fee for the DISC Partner platform. Initially, we request that you purchase 10 tests at the full fee of from £30.00 each.

No licensing fee is required, and there is no minimum usage or hidden fees.

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